Professional Services

ViRSO IT provides a wide range of IT support services across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. Our partner approach is in place to tailor our support services to suit your requirements.

Our UK leading support ensures quality of service delivery, improved uptime and network availability, increased operational efficiency and reduced costs. With IT support services across all major technology platforms, networks and vendors, ViRSO IT ensure fast resolution time through on–site and field–based technical teams.

As a UK leading IT support specialist, ViRSO is perfectly positioned to provide all types of companies, unrivalled IT support. 

From small start-ups to multi-national’s our 'Partner approach' business model means that ViRSO is closely aligned with yor specific methodologies and enterprise Ethos ViRSO is able to provide a range of professional services that encompass the full life cycle of a customer’s IT infrastructure, on behalf of its channel partners. Over a number of years ViRSO has developed and refined a 6 stage process that is designed to fulfil either one or more parts of the cycle as required.

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ViRSO can work with you as a partner to develop a clear understanding of your customers’ requirements and create a strategy moving forward. Through our state of the art lab environments we are able to demonstrate relevant product sets to your customers, and how additional elements may provide added value to the overall project.


The assess service is designed to ensure you are maximising your investment in the technology solution, and that it is operating within best practices of the vendor and vast industry knowledge our consultants have gained over the years.


Our design service evolves the conceptual solution into tangible designs, working with our Solution Architects and Technical Design Authority teams we ensure your customers vision can be transformed into a functional deployment.


The deployment service takes the work from the previous 3 phases and builds the required infrastructure out to the highest quality standards by our industry certified engineers and consultants.


Every project has its variables and we will work closely with the customers’ internal teams to finalise the solution and validate their requirements. This allows us to maximise the success of the project for both you the channel partner and of course the end user customer.


Transfer responsibility to us from your support teams. Through our 24/7, UK based managed service we can provide on-going support, ensuring total confidence in the solution deployed.

ViRSO supplies Support in the following main fields: