Financial Services

Match your financial solution to the useful life of your assets. IT has become far more than a support function. Organisations look to IT to generate revenue or at least to find savings in efficiency.

Let the wealth of leasing and financing options from ViRSO IT Financial Service help you find opportunities in decisions your organization faces regarding capital expenditures, operating expenditures and cash flow.

ViRSO IT Financial Service takes a unique approach to finance that is tailored to your company’s potential and your industry’s needs. Our finance experts have the knowledge and expertise to free up your cash flow and release equity in your assets to make your business more competitive.

We believe that good people make good business, which is why we have one of the best ratios of relationship manager to clients in the industry. We pride ourselves on our service with over 95% of our customers saying that they are satisfied. But, don’t just take our word on this! If you would like to talk to one of our clients to find out more, then we would be only too happy to oblige.

Consistency in our lending approach and quality of our staff.

We don’t have sector or seasonal favourites – if the quality of collateral warrants our funding, then we will fund. We have a proven track record of doing deals with the top tier accountants and independent brokers. We don’t mis-manage expectations – we deliver what we say we are going to deliver.
Speed of delivery – we will give you a quick answer to whether we can take on the deal


Fair Market Value Lease

Reduce TCO and the risk of technology obsolescence with a FMV Lease. This program offers the lowest fixed payment and facilitates a regular rotation cycle.

Finance Lease

Ideal for managing cash flow, the Finance lease allows you to pay for technology in low, budgeted payments. At the end of the term, equipment is purchased for a nominal amount.

Public & Non-Profit

Flex Lease

Increase your buying power with a tax-exempt lease. Minimize your capital outlay and the lifetime costs of your IT equipment.

Make annual payments on your technology purchases, easing budget constraints and providing a path to ownership.

Lease With Option to Own (LWOO)

Gain flexibility to meet changing needs over time. This federal financing solution ensures that you receive the equipment you need for conducting today’s business, without locking you into an end-of-lease commitment.

Lease to Purchase (LTOP)

Lower your equipment’s lifecycle costs with a federal financing solution that distributes your expense over time, then converts to ownership at the end of the term to enhance your tax strategy.